Saturday, October 30, 2010

Traveling Fool

I cannot believe how quickly this fall has gone.  I have been on the travel circuit since September.  I been to Atlanta twice, Portland, Seattle, Portland again, Coos Bay and now I'm off to Orlando and Tampa Florida.  Some flying, some driving a couple train rides and  motorcycle riding.  It's been a whirlwind trip. Here are a few shots from Seattle

Puget Sound-- Ferry to Bainbridge Island

 Safeco Field-- Mariners Baseball Game

 The other side of Pike Street Market

My room with a view! 
 The small red sign at the bottom is Pike Street Market

This will be my third trip in three years to Orlando and my first trip to Tampa.  Fortunately, I will have a weekend in between two conferences that will afford me the opportunity to explore Florida.  Do I go back to Disney World, go to Universal, rent a motorcycle or go scuba diving???

I'm hoping for some weather delays for the Space Shuttle launch.  It is scheduled to be launched Monday afternoon but a should they have a delay there is a good chance we will be able to see it from our hotel in Orlando.

If you have any thought of adventures in Florida... please let me know.

Monday, October 4, 2010

On the Road again

This year seems to be the year to travel for work.  Some years I'm lucky if I get out of the office but this year I will be lucky to see my desk.  I usually do a trip to several community colleges around the state to recruit students for OSU Extended Campus and OSU degree partnership programs.  These trips occur in January and February.  This year over the course of 5 weeks I visited 13 CC's.  This fall seems to be the time to get out of state.  So far this fall I have been to Atlanta twice during the month of September.

The first trip was for the National College Testing Association annual conference.  You might be thinking "Wow... people actually get together to talk about testing?" YUP... that is right.  It was a great conference where I had the opportunity to learn more about how to run a testing center.  I am in the process of setting up one for OSU.  The second trip was an opportunity to attend a workshop on Retaining Online Students.  Three days of intensive learning with colleagues from OSU.  During both trips I had some opportunities to explore downtown Atlanta.

Centennial Olympic Park

Back in about 1995, I received a certificate saying that I had a brick with my name on it placed at Centennial Olympic Park.  A couple of years ago a friend went looking for it but could not see it because a stage was on that section.  I had the opportunity to find it on the first trip to Atlanta 
Atlanta has a number of great sights around the downtown area including the World of Coca Cola (where you  can sample coke products from around the world) as well as see how it is made and bottled.  Of course like any other great amusement park it would not be complete without dumping you into the Coca Cola gift store!  

The Georga Aquarium and CNN Global headquarters are all located around Centennial Olympic Park.  The Georga Aquarium is the worlds largest and including several types of sharks.  

Also found a restaurant that we went back to several times during both visits to Atlanta.  If you make to the south, this place should be on your list of spots to hit.  Max Lager's Brewery and Pub is fantastic.  Be sure to try at least one of the beers and the Cheesy Grits!!! 

Atlanta is a great place to visit... I highly recommend later fall.  Much cooler and very fun.