Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In My Bag

I'm getting excited.  Tonight is my last night in a hotel.  I have stayed at nine hotel/motels in the last three weeks as well as a couple of friends houses along the way.  I though I would take a moment to list out some of the items that I like to keep at hand to make the travels smooth.

These items are in no specific order but just items I like to have in my bag.

Ditty Bag
This is a great way to keep everything
organized in my messenger bag

Cable management straps
A must on every electrical cable, made with Velcro

My Droid Dock
My alarm clock holder and night light (NightClock app)

Mini Power Strip
The plugs are always behind the nightstand. UGGGG!

Snack Bar, Chop Sticks, Plastic Fork and napkins
In case you need a snack, stop for a salad, or need to pick up the plug from behind the bed (chopsticks)

Post It Notes and Butterfly Clips
 Post It notes are used to cover up LED lights in the room that glow so bright you can't sleep and the Butterfly clip is used to close window curtains to keep the parking lot lights out.  I also use the post-it notes to mark the hotel room door on the outside.  After the 4th hotel room... I can't remember if I am staying in room 203, 222, or 216 (all room numbers from this trip)

Flashlight in case the power goes out
 It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is nice to have on hand.  Yes, I know I could also use my cell phone.

Ear Plugs
To keep the noise out.  If it isn't drunk people coming back from the Casino at 4am, it is the basketball practice happening in the room above mine or railroad trains going past your window.  Yes you can complain, but sometimes all they do is make more noise.

Items not pictured:  If I am driving and have room in the car, my polar fleece blanket (to keep warm at night) and a neck pillow, used to keep my head propped up while driving or used as a half donut to help relieve all the pains in the backside while sitting.

Final Tip of the trip:  If you have a room that smells, open up a package of coffee that the hotel provides in the room and set the bag in front of the heater vent, this will improve the smell of the room or absorb some of the odors.  Also works well for rental cars that have been smoked in.

Good night from The Dalles!

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