Monday, February 21, 2011

One Year

Hard to believe that it has been one year since I bought Zedward the ZZR.  I have put 12,899 miles on the bike in one year.  Not too bad...

The Story of Zedward

I had been looking for a new motorcycle for about 4 months.  Shortly after the deer of Toledo tried to take me out on the Concours.  That is another story.   My friend Trubadore found Zedward on Craigslist and sent me the link.  He had been sending me a couple links a week but this one jumped out to me.  The only problem.  Zedward lived in Olympia, Washington.  I made the call up to South Sound Honda and talked to one of the sales staff about the bike but they would not hold it for me until the weekend.  I had him send me pictures, I checked several sources and found that this was a great bike.  I called back on Friday night and the ZZR had not sold yet.  I asked again if they would hold it for me as I would be making the 4 hour trek north to look at the bike on Saturday morning.  They said they would since it had not sold by 5pm on Friday night. Thanks to a few friends the journey went very smoothly.  Troubadour and Trobairitz came to my door early Saturday morning and took me to the Corvallis International Airport.

John--- is this the right way to Olympia?

Rick- Head North my Capitan!
Mt. St. Helens

I think Olympia is down there!
 My good friend John flew down from  Washington to pick me up and fly me up and fly me up to Olympia.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning and any opportunity for John to fly makes him a happy boy.  I called and asked if he was interested and of course he jumped at the opportunity.  The flight was quick, only a little more than an hour, and I was landing in the beautiful town of Olympia.
The kids checking out the plane

I was next picked up by another good friend, past staff member and avid motorcycle rider Cable and his two sons.  After poking around the airplane with the boys we headed over to South Sound Honda.  They had the ZZR setting out and ready to go on a test ride.

After some direction from Cable I took it out for a little spin on 101 and was immediately sold on the ZZR.  I went back to negotiate the sale and the immediately accepted the low offer that I made.  I wondered if there was something wrong for the motorcycle... New fluids, new rubber, a Corbin solo seat and smuggler tail as well as Muzzy pipes... I got a great deal.

After leaving the dealership, (Cable, the boys and I) headed out to lunch and then over to Cables house to look over the motorcycle before heading down the highway to Corvallis.

Everything looked great and it was an awesome day for a first ride.  I rode Zedward home and into my life.  It's been a great first year!


  1. Hard to believe it has been a year already. Glad you found 'the one' and like it so much.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Gonna buy Zedward a nice farkle or two to commemorate the day? :)

    Fun memories. I bet that was a fantastic ride back to Oregon on your new bike.